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A loan is a form of financing that is often chosen by developing entrepreneurs. We offer a full range of solutions to ensure safe operation for your company. They also allow you to cover your day-to-day needs and investment projects. We help you to select your loan, as well as guide you through the process of obtaining and activating the loan. We make sure that the cost of financing is as low as possible.
We provide:
– working capital loans,
– investment loans,
– development loans,
– securing own contributions for subsidy.



One of the most popular and easily available methods of financing fixed assets is leasing. We help you choose the form that suits your needs, to enable tax optimisation. We also know how to finance unusual items.

The most frequently leased items are:
– vehicles,
– machines and appliances,
– medical equipment,
– real estate.

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The best alternative to working capital loans is factoring. This involves the release of frozen assets from contractors without incurring additional debts. When reverse factoring is used, we can finance the supply of raw materials. Having these two financial allowances frees up the company from working capital loans without affecting creditworthiness, and the revised allowance makes it possible to use this tool again after payment of invoices. After reviewing the situation in your company, we advise you on whether this form of financing is the best for your business, and which of the two available forms to select – non-recourse factoring or recourse factoring.



Early-stage entrepreneurs, who have the knowledge, the ideas and the capacity for personal involvement in their project, often lack the financial resources for its implementation. Using our knowledge and experience, we support entrepreneurs in obtaining funding for the implementation of their project. Together, we develop a plan of action and a commercialisation model to enable start-ups to develop and obtain financial resources. Each project is considered on an individual basis in cooperation with its creators.



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Tomasz Kostuch

As a financial advisor, I help entrepreneurs to pursue a safe financial policy that guarantees the stable development of their company at every stage of their activity. Using my experience and knowledge of the market, I choose financial instruments adapted to their needs, and I help young entrepreneurs to find an investor who, in exchange for shares in the project, will provide the necessary capital for the project’s implementation.

A proper financial policy provides the company with stable growth, without fear of losing financial liquidity.

Owners of companies who place their trust in me can work on the development of their business, safe in the knowledge that their company has the appropriate budget needed to achieve their future goals.